The Dream

Imagine getting to live with your friends on beautiful land next to a giant lake that is surrounded by national forest. Imagine collectively owning the land and having a clear and fair model of organization to collaborate and co-create. What amazing possibilities there would be.  You could develop businesses and community resources such as a nature school, gardens, an apothecary, a kids camp, small festival grounds, educational events, and much more, whatever we can dream up and agree on. Through collective ownership and collaboration we could turn it into a beautiful little eco-village, tucked away in the national forest, a peaceful life of nature and community.


Well…let’s do it! Coming together to purchase a large property this size certainly is a challenge, and so is developing a clear and fair model of collective ownership and decision-making.  But, through the hard work and creativity of a great group of founders it is not only possible but likely even profitable. The property we are looking at is right along state rd 446, just across the causeway, and right across from the Lake Monroe Marina.  It’s an ideal spot for hosting small festivals and attracting folks out looking for weekend getaways.

Co-Created Possibilities

Eco-Village A section of the land will be set aside specifically for people to create a small village style community of tiny homes and common areas, surrounded by gardens and nature. The hope is that we will have 33 plots available to be tiny home sites on top of the ridge. 

Conscientious Festivals
One of the great dreams of this project is to hold a variety of large multi-day events. These events will include camping, live music, classes, games, food, nature adventures and access to the lake and national forest.

Weekend Events
We plan to host smaller events that occur on a regular basis: weekend retreats, group camp outs, song sharing gatherings, etc.

Classes and Nature School
We plan to offer ongoing classes on a wide range of topics. Eventually opening our own nature school with the possibilities of a kids summer camp, a natural history museum, a wilderness playground and regular class offerings.


Healing Arts Center

We plan to create a space for the practice of herbalism, massage, yoga, meditation, counseling and much more. This will be for the well-being of the community and a place of business for healers to share their gifts with those who visit the land. 

Nature Sanctuary
This amazing land is already so special and surrounded by even more natural beauty. Let's make sure we take good care of it and all the plants and animals who live there. 

The Mission

(To be revised by the collective at a further date)
We aspire to transform the zoom floom property into a community learning center and eco-tourism site that will serve as a cultural hub to help spread and normalize environmentally-friendly values and practices.


The long-term vision of the property includes: forest preserve, an eco-village, a nature school, event grounds, camping spaces, organic gardens, a healing arts center, and a farm-to-table eating establishment. Each of these components has been carefully selected to advance the mission and increase the sustainability and resilience of the immediate and greater community. 


Sustainability for the zoom floom dream will be defined as: the ability to continually fulfill the mission statement and operate indefinitely while minimizing negative environmental impacts and working towards a future that optimizes the living conditions of all earth’s creatures.

Getting Involved 

There are a number of ways you can get involved with this project. You may buy-in to be a founding owner, apply to become a future member or lease one of the lots on the land. You may want to offer classes, workshops or other small business offerings that align with this project. Stay up to date with the happenings on the land and be invited to our regular events.

Sign up using our online membership form to be considered for these positions and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on the happenings of the LakeSide Earth Sanctuary project.