Lake Side Earth Sanctuary LLC is looking for just the right set of collaborators and investors to join us in making this dream a reality. Folks who share the dream of living in harmony with nature and community, who believe in the good of creating cultural and educational opportunities for others to be inspired by that way of life, and who collectively have the skills and drive to make it all happen.
Are you interested in living on this land, being on a founders council, and being a partial owner in this budding organization? Well let us know, as you might be just the right person to have aboard. We look forward to the great things to come!

Membership Agreements

  • These are example agreements, the core group has not yet voted on any kind of set agreements

  • I agree to help Lake Side Earth Sanctuary achieve its stated goals and mission.

  • I agree to pay dues (money and time) as set by the membership, in a timely manner.

  • I will participate in an inclusive democratic decision making structure of Lake Side Earth Sanctuary (or consciously waive my right to express my opinions) and abide by the decisions made, including those made before my membership in Lake Side Earth Sanctuary. I understand that a democratic government depends on the integrity of its participants and their commitment to the ideals of trust, respect, self-empowerment, cooperation, equal access to power, and non-violence.

  • I agree to give up my membership upon request of the members, at their will and for any reason(s), according to the process outlined in Lake Side Earth Sanctuary bylaws

  • I agree to resolve conflict peacefully and be open to the use of mediation.

  • I am committed to pioneering a lifestyle that will serve as an example of ecological sustainability, as explained in the Sustainability Guidelines. I will weigh the implications of my actions, continually striving to minimize my negative impact and increase my positive impact on the Earth. I will participate in the creation of a physical and social structure and culture that will move us towards long term sustainability.

  • I am committed to the vision of diverse membership of Lake Side Earth Sanctuary and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, creed, age, ability, educational level, or economic background. I will attempt to minimize barriers to members of minority groups wishing to participate.

Investment and Ownership

$40,000 Lease Level 

With a $40,000 investment, an individual will receive a lifelong lease on one of 33 lots.  

Monthly payment plans are available @ $222/month for 15 years.  


$13333 paid upfront gets first choice of available lots.

Ownership includes: 1 vote & ___% of ownership

Up to 33 owners can claim a lifelong lease on an available lot.

Other benefits yet to be determined.  


Work exchange positions for ownership are available but limited and selectiven (13?)

Traded hours shall be limited to (33?) per week at a rate of $15/hour



Must be in full support of the land & communities agreements (yet to be determined).


(3-13?) hours per month required to maintain voting rights. 

Attendance at weekly meetings encouraged (1 per month required?)

Hourly requirements will be reviewed and reconsidered after 2 years

Invitation Documents


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