LakeSide Earth Sanctuary is intended to be a mix of private residences, small businesses and sustainable festival grounds. Though parts of this property has often been used by the public as though it were public land, it is a privately owned property. Our intentions is to keep a level of openness to the public and welcome their continued interaction, but also to create a level of privacy for those who hope to call this place their home.

LakeSide Earth Sanctuary will hold festivals and events, some of which may be free to attend.


Though the Zoom Floom was once a water slide it is no longer. Please do not attempted to slide, roll, bike, skateboard, rollerblade or run down the Zoom Floom. 

LakeSide Earth Sanctuary is not responsible for any injuries that occur while exploring the Zoom Floom or any other parts of the property.

Visitor Guidelines

This is private land, it is privately held though it is often thought of as public land by, visit it at your own risk and please be respectful.

In depth guidelines to be determined at a later date.


Frequently asked questions

Can I ride the Zoom Floom?


Can I bring my dog?

We don't know, it's not our land yet, and we'll have to decide on that as a group once we do own it.

Do you all have all the necessary facilities like bathroom and kitchen?

We don't own the land yet, but once we do we'll try and prioritize those things.

Can I give you all some money?

That'd be great!

How much do you expect this all to cost?

Purchasing the land will likely run us some $600,000 or more. Paying for infrustructure on the land may cost much less than that, or much more depending on where we decide to go with it all from there.